Project Architect

While many firms do not require project architects to edit specifications, they are responsible for reviewing them prior to issuance. Architects need to have a basic understanding of specifications and their coordination with the Drawings in order to communicate better with their own team as well as the contractor team.

This program is geared toward the PA responsible for coordinating the drawings and specifications and the desire to have more control over the quality and execution of the contract documents. Following are an example of skills to learn and can be tailored for your specific need.

  • General Conditions of the Contract: Finding your way around the AIA A 201
  • Developing Division 01 – General Requirements
  • Organizing drawings and specs for your project deliverable.
  • Understand organization of specifications and how they relate to the drawings
  • Understand the structure of a CSI 3-Part Specification and ability to locate or modify information within
  • Product research and evaluation, select products that meet the owner’s program and budget
  • QA/QC reviews; what are you looking for?
  • Consistent and correct use of language for communicating with the project team
  • How to communicate with product representatives
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