Project Specifier I

Designed for the person in your office interested in editing specifications using your firm specification software. This person may be an administrative assistant looking for more of a challenge or a person you are hiring to become your in-house specification writer.


  1. Understand organization of specifications and how they relate to the drawings
  2. Ability to identify products and categorize them according to MasterFormat
  3. Understand the structure of a CSI 3-Part Specification and ability to locate information within
  4. Set up a project using (your) office software based on a marked up table of contents or drawing review
  5. Understand what Sections are provided by the Architect and which are expected from other consultants
  6. Add required specification sections to a project using office software
  7. Modify a manufacturer’s specification for a project
  8. Pick up redlines made by project architect, manager, or QA person.
  9. Run QA reports and review with PA, PM, or QA person
  10. Format specifications using headers and footers for the project
  11. Prepare final table of contents and cover and stamp pages for each formal issuance
  12. Compile project manual, including coordination of the consultant specifications
  1. Develop a table of contents from a set of drawings
  2. Develop Division 01 – General Requirements
  3. Develop basic specification sections using office master
  4. Research products and make informed decisions based on this research
  5. Prepare for the Construction Documents Technologist (CDT) exam

Anticipated Timeframe: Eight weeks to complete the material, plus a year of unlimited coaching and mentoring.

Project Specifier - Construction site

Project Specifier II

Designed for the person in your office whose primary task is development of project-specific specifications. This person may have completed the Project Specifier I Program or may be a person you are hiring to manage specifications in house who has two to four years of experience. Preferably, the individual will have passed the CDT certification offered by CSI and be preparing for the next exam offered.


  1. Incorporate redline remarks at a higher level of understanding
  2. Align terminology between the specifications and the drawings
  3. Identify missing specifications through review of the drawings
  4. Understand integration of building codes and standards into specifications
  5. Work with client master specifications
  6. Use references and resources
  7. Research products with a higher level of discernment to assist the design team with product selection and answering RFI’s
  8. Develop office standards and processes
  9. Develop or refine your office master specification to incorporate corporate knowledge and lessons learned through construction RFI’s
  10. Continue to develop skills
  11. Connect with product representatives
  12. Connect with other specifiers
  13. Prepare for the Certified Construction Specifier (CCS) exam

Anticipated Timeframe: Four weeks to complete the material, plus a year of unlimited coaching and mentoring.

Project Specifier - Latticework ceiling

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